I have been in the web design and webmaster industry since 1999. I went to college, got a degree, as well as several certifications in this field. I launched my own company in 2005 after working for several tech companies and e-learning software developers.

    There is no easy way or gentle way to say this. Over the years I have had dozens of clients hire me and then try to tell me how to do the job. I never understood this mentality. If you know how to do it what do you need me for? This got me to thinking about other professions. What if the same rules applied when you went to a restaurant. Do you go into the kitchen and tell the cook how to prepare your meal? No, you tell them what you want to eat, and let the chef cook it. Do you tell the surgeon how to operate? Do you tell the plumber how to fix the leak? No, you tell them what the problem is and let them be the professional and fix it.

    So why is this such a hard thing for web design clients to understand?
    Tell me what you want, and let me be the professional and give you a great website.

    On the same note, I also have clients that want me to teach them how to use their websites. It is my pleasure and my goal to be of assistance to those who need help with their website, but I have no interest in teaching.

    There are plenty of places on the internet where you can learn these things for yourself. But please understand, that is not something I am interested in doing. I am here to help people who want someone to manage their website for them. That is my job and I love what I do. Just please don't ask me to teach you.

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