This is a summary of the procedures I use to plan, design, develop and deliver you a stunning new website.

The first thing I like to do is understand the scope of your new website. The starting phase will be to give me an overall idea of what your website needs to accomplish. Are you trying to sell a product, drive traffic to your store, capture leads for your service or highlight your business or non-profit group.

Once I have enough information from you I will draw up a formal estimate, and email it to you for review and approval.

Signing of Contract: 
Once the estimate and proposal are approved, I will send you a contract and deposit invoice. I will need the signed contract and a deposit paid before I can begin work and add your project to my schedule.

Decided What Your Site Will Look Like:
I will send you a handful of high-quality premium word press themes to choose from. I will select these themes for your review based on what I have learned from you about what design style you like, so it is important that you help me understand what it is you like and also what you do not like, early on in the process. I will send theme choices a handful at a time until you find one that you really like.

Setting Up the Test Site:
I will set up a test site to work on during the building process. I will establish a hosting account for you, create any needed databases, and install the latest version of the Wordpress software to the host. I will set up security, a cloud backup system, an uptime monitoring system, and an account with Google webmaster tools, and Bing webmaster tools. You will receive a link to the test site so you may see the progress as it is being made.

Gathering of Content:
While I am working on setting everything thing up, your next very important job is to gather the content to be placed on your website. I need you to provide these things AS EARLY ON IN THE PROCESS as you can. Logo, favicon, text content in word documents (ready for publication), any required images, videos, PDFs, or any other items that will need to be incorporated into the website should be delivered to me as early as you can.

The Styling and Customization Begins:
I will next start to build your website and during this process, I will send emails to you when I have a piece ready for your review (with a link provided) and ask for your input and/or any questions I may have for you at that time. For organizational purposes and clarity, it is important to respond to my email questions promptly and on the same email thread with the subject line intact. This is usually the most time-consuming part of the design and development process, but you can expedite this by responding to each email promptly and answering any questions I might have thoroughly.

Adding the Content to Your Site:
I will add your text and image content to the website and it would be most helpful if you could check to make sure the text is ready for publication without typos and errors. Taking the extra precaution to ensure the content is correct before sending it to me, will save us both time and money. Please provide this content in an email or word document attached to an email or in a dropbox. If you have a lot of content to give me, I can set up a dropbox for you upon request.

Its Time to Review the Site:
After the content is added, I will go through the entire website, page per page. I will proofread and test using an Apple computer, a Windows computer, an Android Tablet, an I-pad, an I-phone and a Nexus phone, ensuring the widest audience will view your new website with no errors.

Its Time to Bring the Site Live:
When all is ready, and we are both satisfied with the results, I will publish the site live and make it available to the world. My final payment is always due and expected at the time site goes live.

Web Hosting, Webmaster Service and Email Accounts:
I can provide you with high-speed Wordpress hosting, follow up Webmaster service and () email accounts, all at a reduced price. Follow up webmaster service can include, cloud backups of the site and database, uptime monitor, WordPress security, core file, and plugin updates, and routine monitoring. Google analytics and search engine optimization are also available.

Changes and Edits to Your Website:
I will be here for you. You can contact me any time to discuss your needs or to request changes or additions to your website.

I am availble by phone, text messaging, and email.

I hope this brief outline helps you to understand how my website design and development process works.

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